Absolut, Virgin Trains, Brighton Gin: all the brand activity for Pride


As part of its efforts to support Stonewall, Absolut is installing NFC-enabled payment points on Exterion Media’s fleet of digital buses, at which supporters can donate to the charity with a tap of their phone.

Two buses, running on routes 14 and 19, have been wrapped in rainbow-flag colours, echoing the brand’s limited-edition bottles, which return for a second year and are exclusive to Tesco.

Virgin Trains

In a similar, but longer, vein to Absolut, Virgin decked out one of its intercity trains in Pride colours. It will be running on the West Coast Main Line throughout the summer.

Brighton Gin

This spirit brand has created a set of eight bottles in the colours of the rainbow flag, featuring the eight letters of the word BRIGHTON, allowing gin fans to spell out phrases like Right On, Bring It and Go Big. The bottles were created by Our Design Agency.

Lily’s Kitchen

Posh pet food brand Lily’s has created a pair of limited products, Full of Love & Pride for Dogs/Cats, featuring faintly psychedelic, rainbow-coloured designs. An amount from each tin or tray sold will be donated to Stonewall.


Health drink brand Wow is raising money for young people’s LGBT charity Just Like Us with a series of activations, including circle stickers on the lids of its bottles, cardboard rainbow glasses, and temporary tattoos.


Energy company Utilita has updated its house logo with the colours of the Pride flag.

Black Pride

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Europe’s largest celebration for African, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Caribbean-heritage LGBT+ people has launched a campaign calling of members of the community and allies to “keep the noise up” and continue the fight for equality. It was created by Proximity London.