Heineken pokes fun at smug abstainers (sort of) in first TV campaign for 0.0

A trio of ads, created by Publicis Italy, feature people drinking the beer in scenarios where you wouldn’t expect to find alcohol. After being met by disapproving looks, each protagonist points knowingly to the label on the bottle – before it is revealed their audience is actually watching as they embarrass themselves in a way unrelated to their choice of beverage.

The first ad, “Now you can: parking” will be followed by “Now you can: locker room” and “Now you can: presentation”. They were created by Bruno Bertelli, Cristiana Boccassini, Marco Venturelli and Luca Cinquepalmi, and directed by Tim McNaughton through Blink.

Heineken 0.0 is one a number of alcohol-free beer brands to have upped its marketing efforts this year.  According to Nielsen data, it is the UK’s fastest growing alcohol-free beer brand.

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Nic Casby, Heineken UK brand director, said the intention of the campaign was to “build positive associations” around drinking choices and make alcohol-free beer “cool”.

“As pioneering brewers, we are committed to promoting our innovative products and campaigns to meet consumer needs,” he said.

“We’ve seen phenomenal growth in the low– and no-alcohol category and the “Now you can” campaign allows us to communicate all the different drinking occasions where Heineken 0.0 can be enjoyed.”

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