New Year, New Webdam Features

At Webdam, we take customer feedback seriously. Recent customer input has driven additions to the platform, both big and small, that have increased the usability and flexibility of the product.

One big new feature driven by our customers’ needs is the addition of the calendar view in Workstream. Creatives are known for juggling multiple tasks at once – it’s simply part of the creative development process. And it’s an act that’s easily disrupted when new assignments come along unexpectedly. While Workstream can’t eliminate the juggling act, you don’t have to do it blindfolded. The calendar view was added in response to teams that wanted to see what’s coming. All the tasks you’re assigned to, sponsoring or watching are clearly laid out for the month so you’re less likely to be caught off guard.

Enhance creative workflow with the new Workstream calendar.

A number of smaller enhancements have also been added to Brand Connect in direct response to customer requests. These improvements include the ability to choose folder images and customize the font used within your portals. Companies take painstaking effort to shape their brand externally and many wanted the ability to mimic that experience for internal audiences. With a few small tweaks, users are able to keep the right images front and center and match typefaces to customized color schemes for a more cohesive experience.

And sometimes the enhancements we make on behalf of customer feedback are neither big nor small. They’re often a response to challenges that are more nuanced and harder to solve. Recent examples of this are the changes that have been made to the publishing dashboard in Webdam.

Many of our enterprise customers manage multiple brands, regions or product lines. They create several portals in Brand Connect to distribute the content associated with each unit. These portals can share digital assets such as company logos, templates and videos, as well as house content unique to each portal, such as product shots. In response to our customers’ need to both quickly see what digital assets are published on each portal and make changes in bulk, we revamped the dashboard UI and functionality. These updates simplify and expedite the task of getting content to the right places.

Use content management software that evolves with your needs.

Our customers are critical to the work we do here at Webdam. Customer feedback lets us know what we’re doing well and helps us identify ways to improve the customer experience and product usability. Current customers can check out DAM Success to learn more about the features reviewed in this post. If you’re not a customer but would like to see Webdam in action, click the button below to schedule a demo.