Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lussgott: This is the work that inspired us to join advertising

Drink Beer: “Brewtroleum”

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It’s impossible not to love an idea that makes drinking beer a noble exercise. And all the executions spin so beautifully off the one inspired mad thought.

REI: “Opt outside”

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Opting out of the biggest shopping spree in human history to make a point is pretty amazing. A revolutionary act with huge impact.

Channel 4: “Meet the Superhumans”

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Both the “Superhuman” films are so beautifully made. We love how they make their intellectual point with pure emotion.


We love the reinvention Alessandro Michele has brought to the brand. Maximalism has its wonderful place. It’s so over the top: smashing pop culture, art and high-end fashion together to create inspiration that everyone wants to copy.

Guinness: “Surfer”

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We certainly don’t have to tell anyone about surfer, just that the power of an iconic image can endure and inspire.

And what inspires us now…. we try to remind ourselves that everyone in advertising visits the same sites, follows the same accounts, gets the same links, and that we are all occupying a similar bubble. The antidote is to try and broaden our stimulation as much as possible. In the places we go for inspiration, but just as importantly by collaborating with people who bring their own diverse and amazing wealth of ideas. It also helps drawing from people who don’t give a shit about advertising.

Nicholas Hulley and Nadja Lossgott are creative partners at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

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