Pick of the week: Mariah Carey is the ‘hero’ of Hostelworld’s new ad

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Mariah Carey is the dictionary definition of diva. Sorry Beyoncé, sorry Gaga. This is why she is the perfect face for Hostelworld’s new campaign.

“Even divas are believers” is hilarious – from Carey’s blatant disgust at being booked into a hostel to her awkward lift encounter with a shirtless guest brushing his teeth. However, her anger is soon turned into a Vision of Love as she discovers a private room, free wi-fi and a cocktail bar. 

After her emotions have turned in favour of the Barcelona hostel, the queen of Christmas then delights us with a performance of her 1995 hit Fantasy, which is accompanied with golden sequins, a dove and excellent hairography. 

Hostel doubters will be sparse after watching this latest spoof by Lucky Generals.

(I’m not even sorry for dropping the Mariah song titles.)

Brand: Hostelworld
Agency: Lucky Generals
Title: Even divas are believers