Put Your Content Everywhere With Incredible Embeddables

There’s a feeling you get when you create a piece of killer content. It’s a bit like a full body high five crossed with the satisfaction of eating pizza. Except there’s no calories.

Once you’ve got something good, you should use it wherever you can. Some creatives get a bit scared about reusing content, but that fear is unfounded (unless the piece is boring, which is definitely not what we’re talking about here).

If you need proof, just look at the ‘Got milk?’ campaign. It’s been going strong since 1993. And that Geico gecko has been telling us you’ll save “15 minutes could save 15% or more on car insurance” since 1999. Those are bigger campaigns, but research shows repeating messaging and content is quite powerful, even for smaller digital assets. So share your genius work far and wide.

For digital marketers, one of the easiest ways to share content is simply to embed it where you want customers to see it. This can be done manually, but it’s much easier to do from one source, like a digital asset management (DAM) solution. That’s where embeddables come in.

Get content out there with DAM.

The ability to embed digital assets, like images or videos, on third-party platforms like WordPress and Drupal, is one of the most useful features a DAM can have. Embedding media directly from a DAM can save you a great deal of time when it comes to publishing content. It can also support brand consistency by ensuring only the most recent versions of content are accessible.

Hosting embeddable files and links right from your DAM is super convenient. In Webdam, if you decide to update a piece of content, simply change it on the DAM and it will automatically change over everywhere it’s embedded. This can be a huge help if your company has its media shared all over the place.

This is a great feature for non-marketing related materials as well. Collateral created for sales personnel, employee manuals, brand style guides, compliance information and product recipes can all be stored in a DAM, shared via websites, and updated when needed.

Avoid video platform meltdowns.  

Did you just create a video that’s sure to spread faster than news about whatever Kanye just did? Embeddable links can be used to display videos in fixed locations, like websites or social media channels. Simply place an embed code where you want the video to play. To change it, update the source and new content will be displayed everywhere you’ve used the embed code.

Recently, we had a small mishap with our YouTube page. It disappeared because it was linked to an email account that got eliminated. Unfortunately, we had been in the habit of linking videos to our site directly from YouTube.

Fortunately, we have all of our video content stored in our DAM. All we had to do was go back in and create embed links for our video content. Now, all of our videos are up where they were before and we don’t have to worry about any issues with externally hosted content.

Take a spin with embeddable carousels.

If you’re running a large ecommerce site featuring products from multiple vendors, you’ll love being able to embed content. If a vendor partner changes their packaging, logo, or any other brand element, simply replace the assets in your DAM and they will be automatically updated anywhere they’re embedded.

The carousel embeddable is a feature available to Webdam’s Enterprise customers, but it is amazing. It gives you the option to schedule when and how long an asset displays – and what asset comes next.

You might ask yourself, “why would I have to do that?” Imagine you want to display a holiday-themed promotional asset on your WordPress-powered site during Christmas, then replace it with a campaign asset for an upcoming product launch for New Years. You can use embeddables to create a carousel – the Christmas asset displays from Dec. 15 to Jan. 1, then gets replaced by the campaign asset.

Share content with embeddable downloads and links.

Webdam also includes embeddable downloads. They enable you to embed thumbnails and download links that allow users to download assets directly from your DAM – no more hosting files on FTP servers or in content management systems. If a new version of an asset is added, the changes are automatically reflected wherever you’ve embedded the link, such as websites or social media outlets.

Customers will see the updated thumbnail image and can download the most recent version. Additionally, you’re able to track where assets are embedded and how many times they’ve been downloaded all from Webdam.

Embeddable links provide a reference to an asset from a DAM that can be inserted into third party platforms such as blogs, and websites as a link. This can replace platforms like Dropbox or Box. Simply share content directly from your DAM. Permission features allow you to gate content in order to protect it from anyone who gets the link, but shouldn’t have access.

Build your brand with embedded content.

Using embed tools to serve content on websites and social channels will help your marketing efforts by streamlining content distribution. Once you have that new piece of content everyone’s responding to, replace the old stuff. It can also help brand consistency by keeping old content from sticking around.

If you’re not already using a DAM, we’d love to help you out. Check out our guide, How to Select a DAM, to learn how to evaluate your needs and select a great DAM for your team.