Verint’s Solutions Empower Agents And Customers

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I recently went to Verint’s Engage18 conference, held in Dallas on May 14-17. It’s not a big conference – attended by about 1500 people who use one or more of the company’s customer service products: workforce engagement, self-service, voice of the customer and fraud and compliance. What is lacks in size, it makes up in focus and execution.

The conference was a delight to attend. I had easy access to customers, executives and Verint employees who were able to articulate the strategy, positioning and real successes that their products deliver. Their complicated portfolio of products, built up from years of M&A activity, is now unified with simple, clear messaging that is much easier to digest than that of prior years.

What I walked away with was a realization that Verint offers a unique set of solutions firmly centered on maximizing contact center operations. Sure, some of their products like knowledge management, fraud and compliance, and voice of the customer have value in organizations outside of the contact center. Yet, this is not their core center of success.

Verint offers a modern omnichannel agent desktop where agents work phone, digital and social inquiries. Agents can be handheld through process flows, and guided to the right next best action to take. Embedded knowledge management empowers agents with contextual content. RPA automates routine tasks.

Customers self-serve using curated and social content, and autonomously interact via chatbots. Voice of the customer applications allow companies to keep tabs on the success of their operations. Customers can escalate to agents with minimal friction in their authentication and journey.

Supervisors plan, forecast and schedule their teams using workforce management. They use automated quality management to score all interactions. They use coaching and learning tools to grow their workforce. They use desktop and process analytics to improve processes; speech and text analytics to surface incident trends to drive product and process improvements.

All together, these tools empower organizations craft better customer and employee experiences. I will be curious to follow Verint’s success as they bring this message to their customers and prospects.