TRX Uses Webdam to Become More Effective at Organizing Content

When you’re a company making rapid gains, your growth shouldn’t be slowed by shaky fundamentals. Madeline Martin, Assistant Marketing Manager at TRX, recounts the state of the marketing team and when they realized it was time to standardize content management and distribution processes.

“Before Webdam, we had stuff all over the place. We spent so much of our time searching. There was only one person in the company who could find things – the person who organized it all – and we knew we couldn’t rely on her to do this forever. We had to find a new process.”

Since implementing Webdam and Brand Connect, Webdam’s brand management solution, TRX has structured a hassle-free process for content management and distribution. This freed up their eight-person marketing team to successfully complete nearly two dozen projects each week.

Challenge: “It was always a struggle to find assets. I can’t tell you how much time I spent searching for photos of a specific thing or action. I searched everywhere – it was crazy!”

TRX used Webdam to centralize all of their creative and marketing assets. Folders were used to group similar assets together to make it clear what could be found inside. Folders and individual assets were tagged with metadata and keywords to make search and retrieval of content more precise. With assets stored in their rightful place, the team no longer spent countless hours searching across multiple, unstructured sources to find the content needed to complete open projects.

TRX used Webdam to centralize all of their creative and marketing assets.

Challenge: “We were storing things in Box. People were creating folders and moving things all over the place. There was no structure and nothing was protected. We had no control over what people had their hands on.”

With all their creative assets housed under one roof, TRX leveraged user roles to protect access to, and use of, their content. Outside of the marketing team, one admin role was assigned to a member of the product, education and communications teams. This allowed TRX to limit the number of people who could add, organize, tag or remove assets. All others were required to become registered users who, based on permissions, could only view or download assets. These safeguards limited disruption of content management processes and protected assets from becoming disorganized.

Challenge:“Everyone was coming to the marketing team for assets and it was getting out of hand. We couldn’t spend all that time sending people assets.”

TRX turned to Brand Connect as their primary resource for content distribution. All TRX employees and external users, such as external sales reps, distributors and instructors, can go directly to Brand Connect to download the assets they need. With the marketing team no longer stuck fulfilling content requests, they were able to turn their attention back to supporting the growth of the company via content creation.

TRX turned to Brand Connect as their primary resource for content distribution.

Results: “Webdam definitely helped us organize our assets and create processes we could stick to. It also helped us protect our assets. We know they’re not being released everywhere or to everybody.”

Today, TRX stores all finished creative in Webdam. The marketing team has even integrated it into their creative development processes. Webdam and Brand Connect links are added to completed projects within their project management tool, reinforcing Webdam’s role as the source of truth for all marketing and creative content.

Additionally, the marketing team has regained time that had previously been lost to searching for and fulfilling requests for assets. The eight-person team is now able to focus on high-value activities, such as creating compelling content, that contribute to the growth and expansion of TRX.

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