What does the future hold for data collection and online privacy?

Chart of the Day: 2 in 3 ad-blockers worry about how companies use their personal data

Data, and database marketing, allows to deliver targeted, personalized and relevant advertisements and communications in real-time dependant on where the user is in the buyer’s journey.

Understanding their stage of intent is vital in order to deliver the right message – digital allows this process, and the user, to be tracked. Through data, explicit and implicit, we can continually change and optimize our ads in order to improve our communications and, in turn, increase our return on marketing investment.

Users are getting more and more concerned about the amount of data that is being captured, where it is stored and how it is being used. In the light of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, users are rightly concerned about how much personal data is being stored online and who can access it for what reasons.

New research shows that up to 30% of ad-blocker users feel that ads compromise their online privacy – with 2 in 3 worrying how companies are (or could) use their personal data.

Ad-blocker online privacy

What’s more, up to 66% of mobile users are deleting their cookies and using a private browser to search online.

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