Aiming for the Common Denominator: Telltale Games Ditches In-House Engine, Favors Unity

The present is likely a result of Telltale Games’ vertiginous rise as a developer of single-player experiences – and their precipitous fall afterwards. As telltale Games has had to restructure its studio team by laying off some 25% of its workforce not that long ago, its seems the company has decided to cut its losses on a tool that arguably made their name and fame: their in-house engine.

Development costs have only gone up as the need for more detailed animations and assets has increased developers’ graphics development costs, and Telltale had been working with an engine it had been continually building upon since 2005. however, the fact remains that the engine was showing its age – and gripping its teeth at performance – for the last few games the studio developed. In the end, the studio must have decided that in the face of the reduced workforce, games development and engine engineering were too much at the same time, and naturally decided to cut the latter.

For smaller studios, it does make sense, anyway, to license their engine tech instead of having the overhead of engine development and engineering in-house – and there are many cost-effective solutions out there. Unity is one such, and has already shown its capabilities in many games – and experiences (just check out Neil Blomkamp’s Oats Studios’ videos, for instance.) Here’s hoping this move allows Telltale to do what they do best – focus on storytelling and experiences, eventually letting them grow again. Who knows? Eventually they may be able to have a newly-developed in-house engine again. Source: Eurogamer