AMD’s RX 560X Leaked in 3DMark, Acer’s Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop, Explained by TUL

News of an upcoming AMD RX 500X series sprung like wildfire yesterday, as users and publications alike tried to quench a thirst for some more GPU solutions from the red camp. However, if recent leaked numbers and information from 3D Mark prove correct, it seems the RX 500X series will likely bring some disappointments to those who were hoping for a refined, Vega-imbued AMD Polaris redesign, or simply push for better clocks and power/performance ratios under a new manufacturing process.Apparently, the new AMD RX 500X series is bringing some extra performance to laptops via nothing more than an OEM-exclusive rebadge. It’s not a new SKU or product for AMD’s AIB partners to play with; it’s an OEM-only product that seems to bring AMD’s mobile solutions – such as the RX560M – up to par with the company’s desktop GPUs. So, a higher performing RX 560M will be called the RX 560X (with a 73 MHz core clock increase, mind you) in some mobile solution. Lending credence to this report is that the product page for Acer’s own Nitro 5 laptop, for example, has already updated its graphics card listing from an RX 560 to the RX 560X.

Sources: Overclock 3D, LaptopMedia, Acer Nitro 5, 3DMark