DoubleClick is out as Google ushers in new brand names for its advertising products

As we reported on our sister site Search Engine Land today, Google is consolidating and rebranding its advertising products.

The DoubleClick brand is going away, along with AdWords. In their place are three new brands: Google Ads, which now identifies what was AdWords, Google Marketing Platform, which encompasses Google’s products for enterprise advertisers, and Google Ad Manager for large publishers.

As the more than two-decade-old DoubleClick has evolved into a global buy-side suite of products, marketers have had a harder time identifying which solutions best fit their needs and support team collaboration across an organization, said Dan Taylor, Google’s managing director of platforms, in a press briefing Tuesday. “Understanding what’s easier needs to be easier for everyone and across teams.”

Google Marketing Platform for enterprise advertisers

The newly branded Google Marketing Platform brings together Analytics 360 with DoubleClick’s buying and measurement tools for large advertisers. Taylor said a large double-digit percentage of advertisers have already connected Analytics 360 with DoubleClick Bid Manager, for example, and that advertisers who use the products together see better campaign outcomes.

Adidas and Sprint are among the brands who have integrated products and brought teams together on the platform. By bringing its media buyers, planners and analytics teams on the platform, Taylor says the brand reduced customer propensity to churn by 10 percent.

Taylor underscored that Google Marketing Platform is “designed to offer choice — of what to buy, how to buy and how to measure.” There are more than 100 integrations with other tools, including other ad exchanges and measurement providers. It also supports “different ways they want to buy such as reservation and guaranteed,” added Taylor.

A new Integration Center will make it easier to connect products on the platform. For example, advertisers will be able to connect the new Display & Video 360 solution which encompasses DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Studio and Audience Center, or Search Ads 360, formerly DoubleClick Search, with Analytics 360 to seamlessly create and activate audiences. Advertisers will also be able to integrate third-party tools via the Center.

Google Ad Manager for publishers

Google Ad Manager unifies and replaces the branding of DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) ad server and DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX).

The unification will help publishers “monetize all the new places where people are engaging,” said Jonathan Bellack, director of product management, who came to Google with its acquisition of DoubleClick in 2007. Publishers now work with advertisers in more ways and the new product aims to help bring publishers’ programmatic teams together, explained Bellack, who said it was “part of a three-year journey to bring the two entities together.”

The changes announced Wednesday will start to roll out later this month.

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