Ducky Also Announces the Secret 2 Mouse and Hurricane Chairs

Ducky in the recent years have been diversifying their portfolio beyond keyboards, and yet sticking within the realm of peripherals. In one final update of what Ducky brought to Computex this year, we do the same by taking a look at these other offerings. Ducky unveiled their first mouse, the Ducky Secret, nearly three years ago and then brought out the Secret M which was lighter, and smaller. Both used the (then) popular and still excellent Pixart PMW3310 sensor, and this year sees the debut of the new Secret 2 mouse.

Nearly everything gets a makeover here, beginning with the use of a Pixart PMW3360 sensor with a max DPI of 12000, RGB lighting on the side and even a small LCD screen on the back that can display the current mouse settings by toggling between DPI, polling rate and LOD. The Secret 2 uses Omron micro switches and Alps encoder roller as with the previous Secret mice from Ducky, and also retains the PBT plastic construction that should deliver more resistance to finger oils and stains compared to standard ABS plastic used by most mice today. Seen below are some images of the mouse on what appears to be an unannounced, unnamed Ducky mousepad (although it could just be something made for the event to display the mouse, and not an actual product). More to follow on the chair after the break.

It seems everyone is getting into the gaming chair market if our trip to Computex this year was anything to go by, and seeing the Ducky Hurricane chair was no surprise. Note here that this was announced before, but Ducky did make things interesting by showing off more than one chair. Indeed, the Ducky Hurricane has its own web page already owing to the prior announcement earlier this year, and costs $289 in the USA as of the date of this post. The linked web page goes into more details, but to summarize- the current version of the Hurricane uses PU leather, is machine-stitched, uses 75 mm PU casters with the usual multifunction tilt seen in most chairs in this category today and supports a max mass of 136 Kg. Ducky showed off two new entries that may make it to the Hurricane series, which they are not sure of at this point and are soliciting feedback before deciding one way or the other. The first is a more expensive chair using hand-stitched genuine leather, and improves on most functionality from top to bottom which they are targeting for a sub-$400 price point, and the second is a more office-oriented task chair by design but given an aesthetic to better match the Hurricane series which will have fewer ergonomic tilt functions but can potentially be a more comfortable chair to those who prefer to not want to tweak anything. This chair will retail for a lower price point, and that sums it up as far as Ducky goes for Computex this year!