GIGABYTE Aorus Wants to Sell Every Component Inside Your Gaming PC

The Aorus brand of GIGABYTE started out with gaming notebooks, but soon diversified to gaming peripherals, and eventually graphics cards and motherboards. It was then augmented with CPU coolers, cases, power supplies, and even chairs and apparel for die-hard fans. With the introduction of Aorus branded SSDs and memory modules, and gaming-grade monitors, GIGABYTE will be in a position to sell 100% of your gaming PC’s hardware. And if you’re not the DIY type, Aorus wants to sell pre-built gaming desktops, too! The company is marshaling its workforce and design teams to work at a breakneck pace, to achieve this feat.

At Computex 2018, we went hands-on with the first Aorus-branded enthusiast-grade DDR4 memory modules, which will be available initially in dual-channel kits of 8 GB modules, ticking at DDR4-3200 speeds. The modules are characterized by chunky brushed metal heatspreaders. The company also recently made a modest debut of its first 2.5-inch SSDs under the UD (Ultra Durable) family; and it’s only a matter of time before Aorus-branded drives in both SATA and M.2-NVMe form-factors are launched. Perhaps by CES, GIGABYTE’s booth will be full of them; and a 100% GIGABYTE gaming desktop.