(PR) AMD Appoints Graphics Software Architecture Leader Jeffrey Cheng to Corporate Fellow

AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) announced the appointment of software chief architect, Dr. Jeffrey Cheng, to AMD corporate fellow. The appointment is based on his demonstrated technical leadership and role evolving the company’s graphics technologies and approach to software development. Dr. Cheng has played a key architect role spanning hardware, software and system component design at AMD and has a deep understanding of operating systems, applications and end user requirements. Dr. Cheng has been at the helm of major AMD products and technologies that significantly impacted the industry, including GPU architectural design for Microsoft Windows , GPU virtualization with SR-IOV technology (single-root input/output virtualization), the AMD Radeon “Vega” High-Bandwidth Cache Controller, and GPU datacenter projects.

“Jeffrey has been an integral part of the team for many years and is one of the most respected leaders in graphics system engineering and software architecture,” said David Wang, senior vice president, engineering, Radeon Technologies Group. “He is a creative, independent thinker whose technical mind and ability to coach and mentor other staff members has led AMD to develop great graphics products over the years. In his new role, Jeffrey will continue helping evolve our software strategy as we introduce our future high-performance products to create more immersive experiences and use the power of the GPU to solve some of our industry’s most pressing computing challenges.”

With AMD for almost 20 years, Dr. Cheng is a respected technology leader in graphics system engineering, graphics software architecture, GPU virtualization and cloud computing, GPU memory management and scheduling subsystem, heterogeneous computing and shared virtual memory systems. He is known for motivating and driving technical teams to explore new technologies and create new solutions, and pushing teams to analyze and problem solve complex critical system interaction issues.

Promotion to AMD Fellow is an honor bestowed to the most accomplished innovators. AMD Corporate Fellows are appointed after a rigorous review process that assesses not only specific technical contributions to the company, but involvement in the industry at large, mentoring of others and improving the long-term strategic position of the company.