(PR) Cougar Introduces the Turret Mid-Tower Case With Vortex RGB Fans

The Cougar Turret has an attractive angular form, it is a compact Mid-Tower that is ideal for customers looking for a good value and high quality case. It has two tempered glass panels. The first is a side panel, which lets you show off your computer’s hardware. While the second on the front of the case creates an eye-catching glowing lighting effect when the two pre-installed Vortex LED fans are illuminated.


  • Room for up to six cooling fans and three radiators (including a 360mm radiator in the front)
  • “Gaming vent system” to ensure constant airflow
  • Pre-installed Vortex LED fans.
  • Space for up to three graphics cards (max length 350mm)

Aesthetics aside the Cougar Turret is a practical case, it can hold motherboards with form factors from Mini ITX to ATX and up to three 350mm GPUs. The case also has enough space to store two 3.5″ drives or a maximum of four 2.5″ drives and comes an I/O that contains 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 1 x USB 2.0 and mic/audio support as standard.

Cougar have made cooling a priority. They have developed a “gaming vent system”, which is an air inlet slightly offset from the case’s front panel. This ensures effective airflow to components within the case and is covered with a solid plastic mesh that protects the inlet from dust.

The Cougar turret comes with two pre-installed Vortex LED fans and support for an additional four. Alternatively, if you prefer water cooling, the Cougar Turret supports up to three radiators including a 360mm front mounted radiator, a 240mm top mount and finally a 120mm rear mount.

Available for pre-order from £66.95.