’s ‘addressable geo-fencing’ enables individual household targeting but at scale

Local programmatic platform has introduced what it’s calling “addressable geo-fencing.” Geofencing based on IP address or polygons or radius targeting has been around for a long time; this approach allows marketers to target individual households with greater precision.

Think of it as not unlike Facebook Custom Audiences for the real world. The company says it can be used as a stand-alone tactic or in combination with other media channels and device targeting (direct mail, desktop, mobile, TV). It’s available for both residential and commercial locations.

Marketers are able to upload up to 1 million street addresses, which then matches against plat lines for each property. A “plat line” indicates the divisions between properties. Accordingly, is creating an individual geofence around each location or property. The company says it sees about 90 percent match rates. The company also uses GPS to bolster location precision.

It can also layer other types of geofences on top of its plat line-based geofences. For example, if a company wanted to reach only part of its customer base that surpassed a threshold income level, based on Census or other data, that could be accomplished.

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