ViewSonic Unveils its Gaming Peripherals Line

ViewSonic is back in the business of input devices after a decade, if our memory serves correctly, and its comeback lineup is gaming-grade. These peripherals appear to be sharing the same exact OEM as the Philips lineup we covered earlier. The lineup includes four mechanical-switch, and two membrane type keyboards; and two mice.

The mechanical-switch lineup begins with the all-black KU580 with white LED back-lighting, and moves on to the KU833, with a large brushed-metal bezel; and leading up to the KU310 with a see-through plastic outer-shell; and the top-dog KU536, with an all-aluminium body. The GKU930 is similar looking to the KU833, but has membrane buttons, while the KU370 has flabby black plastic arm-rests and non-essentials sticking out from all sides.

The MU681 mouse packs a pseudo-ambidextrous design with 6 programmable buttons, Avago 3050 sensor (2,000 dpi), and 136 g fixed weight. The MU670 has the same innards, but a right-oriented design.